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Patient Success Stories

Dr. Mark Bans is the body whisperer, in my eyes a miracle worker!  I recently flew to see Dr. Mark in Austin for my left shoulder, which had been injured in an auto accident well over a year ago.  A man with his foot on the accelerator was having a seizure, hit my 4Runner on the driver's side, instantly pushing the body of the SUV off the chassis.  My left shoulder was the first to take the full brunt of this impact when it hit the window.  I have been to the ER twice, the osteopath several visits, two different physical therapists, acupuncture, massage, two other chiropractors and had two cortisone shots.  After all of that, I still had only 60% range of motion.  Dr. Mark got me to 90% range of motion in 5 days!  I saw him 8 times.  Dr. Mark was so conscientious and caring and he seemed determined to get my shoulder back working for me again without surgery.  Surgery was recommended, so Dr. Mark was my last attempt to heal it without surgery.  He was able to get my muscles firing again and relax the overtaxed muscles so that they could do their job and hold the shoulder in proper alignment again!  So NO SURGERY necessary!  As a busy hairdresser, salon owner and mother, I am overjoyed!  It's been a few weeks since I was treated by Dr. Mark and the movement is still there.  I am going to fly back with my whole family to have Dr. Mark take care of them too!

N. M., Portland, OR

I started seeing Dr. Mark due to a chronic and severe pain that I had been suffering in my shoulder for years. As a general rule I am not a real spiritual/metaphysical person, but my girlfriend convinced me that Dr. Mark could really make a difference.  So I began seeing Dr. Mark on a regular basis and slowly but surely I started feeling better. I am still not a true “believer” in some of the spiritual/metaphysical aspects, but the work that Dr. Mark did on me has really made a difference in my life.  I have much less pain than I did before, my range of motion is greatly improved, and I can now sleep through the night on most nights without waking up in horrible pain. So, whether you are a believer or not, I would recommend Dr. Mark. He made a real difference in my life and I cannot thank him enough for that!

J.W., Austin, TX

I had fairly severe pain and tightness in my jaw.  It was achy and painful most of the time.  I was having to pop my jaw or open very wide to receive any relief from the tightness and pain.  I also had pain in my neck and back.  The jaw pain is pretty much gone now - only a small degree of tightness.  The back pain and neck pain are gone.

S.H., Austin, TX


Due to a series of antibiotics required after my labor and delivery, my newborn (exclusively breastfed) baby girl was experiencing horrible pain from gas.  She would scream in pain and kick her legs in hopes of relief.  Needless to say, I was looking for a way to help my baby girl with some intestinal support to counteract the negative effects of the antibiotics.  Dr Bans helped my daughter and I by figuring out what foods were adversely affecting our systems and how to support them with supplements.  Within one visit I saw an improvement and after two visits, gas was almost completely alleviated.  She is now having more pleasant awake times, more peaceful naps, and is a much happier baby.


J.R., Austin, TX


Emotionally, I was physically sick for months before and after my parents came to visit.  I would get so worked up before and so angry during these forced visits that I was difficult to be around.  Amazingly, I am no longer worked up before, during, or after my parent's visits.  It's more like an observance of what they choose to do or say and I no longer let that energy touch or affect me.  On a physical level, I could barely move my right arm at points... so much aching and pain!  My right shoulder, elbow, and wrist were making everyday tasks absolutely miserable and at times impossible.  Simply put, I have my arm back!  My muscles have been reawakened and I can do anything that I need to do or choose to!  It has been such a relief!  No more Aleve or teeth clenching just to get through the pain!  I couldn't be happier.

T.B., Austin, TX


I had left shoulder pain for about 2 years.  I also had emotional distress in relation to alcohol addiction and mild low back pain.  My shoulder pain was gone in about a month.  No more low back pain.   And my emotional distress around alcohol is less with only rare cravings now.


S.L., Austin, TX

I firmly believe that Dr Mark Bans is a world-class healthcare provider who delivers measurable, positive results.  I have come to learn our body, emotions, and soul  are a singular entity, which requires the treatment of a special practitioner, with skills such as Dr. Bans.  Earning a patient's trust takes time and results, and Dr. Bans has earned my trust.  Over the 15 years that I have known him, he has consistently delivered superior physical, emotional, and spiritual care.  His sensitivity to my various healthcare needs is visible in my ability to live life to the fullest.  I have had the opportunity to meet and be treated by numerous individuals in the healthcare field and while these professionals may be experts in one aspect of care, they fall short in comparison to Dr. Bans' holistic services.  He has earned my trust over the years by empowering my family and friends to recover from various issues, while ensuring 100% privacy and confidentiality.  This trusted environment leads to a self-reinforcing relationship, which enables a healthier life.

D.H., Houston, TX


Before seeing Dr Mark, my shoulder was completely frozen.  I couldn't lay on it or put it over my head.  Getting dressed was very difficult.  Just bumping it would bring me to tears.  I was told I would need surgery to correct it.  That's when I came to see Dr Mark.  It has taken several months, but in my opinion that was much better than surgery.  Every step of the way Dr Mark was gentle and supportive.  My shoulder is now 100%!  It's amazing.  Dr Mark is amazing.


J.P., Wimerberly, TX


I had been very depressed, had pain in my neck and shoulders, and was not functioning well at work or in my relationships.  Bad diet, too.  Now, I have no pain, no depression, and things are getting better at work.  I have a bright outlook, optimistic and encouraged.  Also a better diet.


L.M., Austin, TX 

When I came to Dr Bans six weeks ago, I was suffering with diahrrea eight to twelve times per day.  My stomach pain was so bad I was taking pain killers.  The special bland diet, Kaopectate, and medicine recommended by my family doctor did nothing to help.  I had been sick for nearly four months with no relief.  Dr Bans helped figure out my food allergies and an individualized course of nutritional supplements.  I felt better within 15 minutes of starting the supplements.  The bloating, gas, and diarrhea are all gone.  I also have been able to sleep again and my energy is back to normal.  I am finally well again.

C.J., Austin, TX

I was in a lot of pain and not able to sleep well after hurting my shoulder.  I could not raise my arm past my shoulder height or bring my arm across my body at all.  Also, my back and neck were completely out of whack.  By the end of the visit with Dr. Bans, my range of motion was drastically increased.  My arm was easily raised near full flexion in front of me as well as across my body.  I got a lot of pain relief in my shoulder and especially my back and neck felt much better.  I was able to sleep much better not only because the physical pain had been greatly reduced, but also a huge mental relief that my injury could be healed much faster than I expected and I could get back to my normal activities of work and exercise quicker.


N.S., Austin, TX


I had been feeling horrible from allergy/flu-like symptoms for at least 3 weeks. It was difficulty for me to get up and moving in the morning, so I often just worked from home. I had no motivation to do anything because I always felt run down and I felt like sleeping all the time. A day after seeing Dr. Bans, I felt significantly better - it was amazing.  I was able to breathe better, wear contact again instead of glasses, and by the weekend (I saw him on a Thursday), I was 100%. I think the results made me realize even more than before how much allergies had been affecting me. I was able to function like a normal person should!  I realized that I hadn't felt this good in a LONG time, which tells me how  long allergies had been affecting me. I feel like I have my life back! Simple things like getting up in the morning are no longer an issue for me and I have energy to do things!  It was amazing what he was able to do for me.


K.M., Round Rock, TX


I highly recommend Dr. Mark if you have weight concerns.  Over the last 18 months I was following a dietary plan that works for bodybuilders and felt that my body was treating the food intake in a different manner than it should have.  In addition to the diet and schedule, I was working hard with weights but couldn't seem to lose anything.   I was getting stronger but still not losing the weight where It needed to be lost.  It should have worked...I had seen people compete following this plan.  I was at a loss as to what my next steps should be.  After talking with Dr Mark about Nutrition Response Testing, he identified the changes I needed to make and we went from there.   Three weeks under his guidance and I am already down 15 lbs. I am ecstatic about the results and look forward to where I will be in 6 months!


T.R., Austin, TX


Prior to seeing Dr. Mark, I had been at home sick for six days, unable to work full-time.  I was experiencing dizziness, unable to sleep through the evening, and felt like I had a strain of the flu.  I was sneezing constantly and had minimal energy.  Within forty eight hours after visiting with Dr. Mark and consuming the recommended nutriments, I had regained 95% of my health.  By the third day, I was back to 100%, with full energy and a clear mind.


D.H., Austin,  TX


I have been seeing Dr Mark for about six months for Nutrition Response Testing as a way to stay healthy and to avoid the use of prescription drugs.  Dr Mark was unaware of recent bloodwork I had done showing an almost out of range TSH score on my thyroid, when he identified a weak thyroid and recommended supplements.  More current bloodwork  now shows that my thyroid has dramatically improved and is now well within a normal range.  Thank you Dr Mark!


S.M., Austin, TX


Before I came to visit Dr Mark I had horrid stomach issues.  After consecutive doctor's appointments failing, I was very skeptical upon arrival.  Previously I couldn't have a bowel movement or hold anything down.  I was constantly vomiting and in general, miserable.  I had originally been diagnosed with gastritis.  With little to no time, Dr Mark was able to pinpoint my stomach and intestinal issues and put me on the corresponding supplements and diet immediately.  

Now I can eat again!  Dr Mark was able to aid me DRAMATICALLY in my conversion to a natural lifestyle.  I am only 24 and I was so depressed by my sickness.  After 7 months of visits, my whole life has changed.  No vomiting, I'm eating regularly, and my energy and drive to achieve my goals have improved 100 fold.  Dr B saved my life!


T.K., Austin, TX


My whole life I had been sick and would constantly go to doctors to try and figure out what was wrong with my body and stomach.  I'd been diagnosed/mis-diagnosed/refused treatment and nothing helped.  I had stomach pains on a daily basis along with migraines and fatigue, often in the evening.  This had been going on my entire life.  Finally after seeing Dr Mark for just a couple of weeks he was not only able to figure out what was wrong, he also treated me and gave my supplements and finally I could feel better.  I am forever grateful for his help and can finally live and not be sick. 

Now if I have stomach pains, I know exactly what caused it. I now have the power to understand what foods I should/can and shouldn't/can't eat.  I rarely get any headaches and can last the whole day without any fatigue.  


R.K.N., Round Rock, TX


I was taking allergy pills every day like candy with about as much effect.  I was having allergy related headaches  and constantly itchy ears and throat.  As far as my back, I was seeing a chiropractor every month.  I consistently had neck and back pain and within one week after I went to the chiropractor, I couldn't turn my head to the left or right without pain and stiffness.  My back always felt heavy and it was painful to sit in a certain way.

Now, I have not taken an allergy pill in over 10 weeks!  Truly amazing!  No allergy related headaches anymore and not once have I had an itchy throat or ears.  Since seeing Dr Mark, I haven't had as many issues.  My back and neck have not been hurting.  I am able to move more freely and there is truly a lighness feeling in my back. 


T.S., Andrews, TX


Prior to seeing Dr Bans my back, neck, and shoulders were in such constant pain it seemed nothing provided any relief.  Changing position didn't help.  Massages would only help for so long until my muscles resumed their ever tense state. 

After receiving proper adjustments, I didn't realize how constantly I was in pain until I had relief.  My back has never felt so good.


K.S., Austin, TX


Dr. Mark has been doing the Neuro-Emotional Technique Treatment on me. It has made a huge different in my life. We have worked through childhood issues that I didn't know that I was still dealing with in my adult life. Some of my friends have notice a change in my life. If you have never tried the Neuro-Emotional Technique Treatment, give it a try. I highly recommend Dr. Mark!!!


F.B., Austin, TX


I had a very dramatic and short lived relationship.  It was full of chemistry and passion for about 2 months and then 3 months of crazy and intense arguments.  That was finally over and an incredible new person walked into my life.  Someone that watched the craziness happen and waited patiently until I was ready and available.   We started dating and it was great, but I still held onto feelings for the ex, and it made me doubt the future with the new person.  I did not want to take it to the next step of an actual relationship because I felt guilty that I had feelings for someone else.  I saw Dr Mark (Neuro-Emotional Technique) and we worked through my emotions and he helped me let go.  Since I walked out of that session I am at peace with the end of the last relationship and my new relationship is even stronger than it was.  I no longer say I’m just dating this amazing person, I’m proudly saying I’m in a relationship with him!


R.A., Austin, TX

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